Shapy muscles, flat abdomen, beautiful posture, very strong stamina and vitality. Which has only been possible for long years of hard training, it is now available in a short time with the Speedfitness multi-trainer. 2 × 20 minutes trainings per week  is enoughto achieve visible and noticeable success in toning and muscle building in a few weeks.

Positive arguments for speedfitness:

  • Effective muscle building: Thanks to the body's smooth electrodes, the right place is achieved by stimulating the muscle
  • Tendon and joint preservation: electrostimulation affects only muscles, no joint load
  • Fat loss: with the development of optimal fat-to-muscle ratio, our body burns much more calories even in dreams
  • Reduction of Cellulite: improvement in blood supply to connective tissues, strengthening of blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Equalization of muscular deficiencies and dysbalances
  • Treatment of low back pain: Strengthening of the deep-rooted retaining muscles needed to keep the spinal column
  • Strengthening of the dam, post-natal rehabilitation
  • Performance enhancement for athletes: explosive, dynamics, speed boost
  • Does not provide symptomatic treatment, but it achieves the effect by restoring metabolic stimulation and optimal fat-to-muscle ratio
  • Safe operation: Several clinical trials demonstrate Speedfitness's sensational results and safe operation

Fitness & Sports
With training based on the new generation of electrostimulation, we can achieve stronger and more intense muscle contractions than during traditional resistance training, when only the muscles that are moved voluntarily are trained. Depending on the intensity, program selection and individual objective, it is even suitable for splintering, strengthening, increasing endurance or developing speed, not just for building muscle. Whether you're an amateur or professional athlete, speedfitness is guaranteed to get the most out of you!

Beauty and vitality
Speedfitness definitively puts an end to the well-known saying that "for beauty you have to suffer!". Without long and sweaty workouts, you can book quick results on your figure: increased calorie burning for days, decreasing weight and an increasingly beautiful, streamlined body. Speedfitness also eliminates the cellulite problem. Its special cellulite program has been specially developed for intensive metabolism stimulation, which also takes care of the removal of deposits.

It is important to know:

Before training
2.5-3 hours before training, eat slow-absorbing, carbohydrate-rich foods if you have the means (whole grain foods, rye bread, high-fiber muesli, paddy rice, dandruff biscuits, porridge, durum noodles, cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc.). You also need energy for training!

2 hours before training, do not eat anything anymore!
30-45 minutes before training, drink at least half a liter of water. Before training, drinking an isotonic drink is recommended to avoid dehydration.

How to train
1. For training you need to put on cotton training clothes. This is necessary for hygiene reasons, as well as to ensure that the electrodes do not come into direct contact with your skin.
2. On the cotton dress, the personal trainer attaches the moistened electrode belts, as well as the special vest.
3. When starting training, the trainer adjusts the starting training intensity. Our state-of-the-art Miha Bodytech device trains your muscles even without movement, but performing the special movements shown by the personal trainer results in an even better and more accurate strain on the different muscle groups and thus promotes their development even more.

After training
The protein shake recommended for consumption after training – up to 3 hours – helps the heavily used muscles to regenerate faster, as well as contributes to a more efficient increase in muscle mass.

Due to the optimal time retention, we recommend our guests to arrive about 5 minutes from the booking time. As a result, we can keep the start and end times of the training session to the maximum and comfortable. For us, the important thing is that you always devote as much time to the program and exactly when it is most appropriate in your daily programnet.

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